Making scaffolding health and safety a priority

Whether your project needs  commercial  or domestic scaffolding, health and safety should always be a key priority. Badly designed or constructed scaffold not only puts people working on the scaffolding at risk, but also potentially people walking under it and the buildings themselves. 

It’s why we take health and safety so seriously and why we have a comprehensive health and safety policy in place to remove hazards and prevent accidents and serious injury to our customers, employees and the general public. 

Safety guidance we follow

All UK scaffolding companies are obliged to follow certain Health and Safety standards, and as such we follow the safety guidance as laid out by:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • The Health and Safety Executive 
  • The Work at Height Regulations 2005 and the Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations 2007
  • The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation
  • The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme.

These rules and regulations ensure the safe erection, use and dismantling of scaffolding structures on both commercial and residential premises. 

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scaffolding health and safety

Training and caring for our staff

Providing our employees with the necessary training to ensure they are fully aware of all the latest health and safety legislation in relation to the scaffolding industry is an important part of our business.

As well as ensuring they know about height legislation, maximum lift heights, the right erection sequence and receive harness training, we also check that they are fully aware of the different types of scaffold structures and understand the risk assessment process. 

In addition, we also monitor all our employees physical and mental health, so we can be confident our clients get the best scaffolding contractors for the job. 

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No matter what type of scaffolding you’re erecting health and safety should always be a priority. If you want to learn more about our scaffolding safety or would like to receive a no obligation quote, get in touch with us today.